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Welcome to Lily Montessori Childcare Center

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Why Enroll at Lily Montessori ? 

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Montessori Method

Experience the Montessori method at its best. Our curriculum focuses on independence, creativity, and critical thinking, setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

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Outdoor Adventures

At Lily Montessori, we believe in the importance of outdoor play. Your child will have plenty of time to explore nature, engage in physical activities, and develop a love for the outdoors.

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Healthy Meals

Nutrition is key to your child's development. Our daycare provides nutritious and balanced meals to ensure your little one stays healthy and energized throughout the day.

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Zero Screen Time

Lily Montessori childcare is a screen-free environment. We believe in hands-on learning and social interaction for children. No screen time is allowed to encourage creativity and imagination.

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Constant Daily Updates

At Lily Montessori Childcare, we understand how important it is for parents to stay connected with their child's daily. That's why we have implemented the latest technology so you can be constantly connected with our educators and have peace of mind knowing what your child is up to throughout the day.

Lily Montessori Childcare Branding
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About Lily Montessori Childcare Center

Welcome to Lily Montessori, a cozy and nurturing childcare center nestled in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We're delighted to offer you and your little ones an extraordinary early education experience.

At Lily Montessori, our mission is to ignite a lifelong love of learning within each child's heart. We wholeheartedly believe in creating a warm and supportive community that empowers children to reach their full potential through the renowned Montessori philosophy.


We proudly present two exceptional programs designed to meet the specific needs of different age groups

Toddler Program

Ages 1.5-3

In our Toddler Program, we provide a safe and loving environment where your precious little ones embark on their exciting educational journey. Our caring and experienced Montessori-trained teachers lovingly guide them through age-appropriate activities that promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. As an added convenience, our comprehensive meal plan ensures that your child enjoys delicious and nutritious meals throughout the day.

Pre-school Program

Ages 3-6

Our Pre-school Program is a magical gateway to learning and a wonderful preparation for elementary school. With a blend of hands-on materials, group activities, and personalized instruction, our passionate teachers create a captivating environment that sparks curiosity and encourages exploration. In this program, your child will thrive academically and creatively, engaging in language development, mathematics, sensorial exploration, cultural studies, and so much more.

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Our Blog

  • What types of outdoor activities are included in Lily Montessori's curriculum?
    Lily Montessori's commitment to outdoor activities is evident in our Ottawa childcare/daycare programs. Nature walks, gardening, and outdoor play are carefully integrated into the curriculum. These activities not only promote physical development but also provide sensory-rich experiences for children in Ottawa daycare and preschool settings.
  • What makes Lily Montessori Daycare a preferred choice for daycare in Ottawa?
    Our commitment to the Montessori method, comprehensive care, and a nurturing environment make us a top choice.
  • How does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa promote social skills in children?
    Through group activities and structured social interaction sessions designed to enhance communication and cooperation.
  • What is the daily schedule like for children at Lily Montessori?
    While daily schedules may vary, Lily Montessori ensures a balanced and structured routine for children in our Ottawa childcare/daycare programs. Activities include academic lessons, outdoor play, and self-directed learning, promoting a well-rounded and engaging experience for each child.
  • How does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa support early childhood development?
    Through structured activities and materials that promote cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.
  • Is there a summer program at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Yes, we offer a fun and educational summer program filled with activities and field trips.
  • What safety measures are in place at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Our daycare is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras and secure entry systems.
  • Does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa offer meal plans for children?
    Yes, we provide nutritious meal plans tailored to meet dietary needs and preferences.
  • What is the educational philosophy of Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Our philosophy is based on the Montessori method, focusing on child-led learning and fostering independence.
  • Does Lily Montessori have a waiting list?
    Lily Montessori, like many popular daycares in Ottawa, may have a waiting list depending on the age group and program you're interested in. It's best to contact the center directly to inquire about current availability.
  • How does Lily Montessori incorporate arts and creativity into its programs?
    Lily Montessori in Ottawa recognizes the significance of arts and creativity in child development. Our programs incorporate activities that encourage self-expression, imagination, and artistic exploration. From visual arts to creative play, we foster a holistic approach to nurturing creativity in children.
  • Can parents volunteer at Lily Montessori Childcare Center?
    Absolutely! Lily Montessori values parent involvement in Ottawa daycare and preschool experiences. We warmly welcome parents to volunteer and actively participate in various school activities. This collaborative approach enhances the sense of community, creating a supportive and engaging environment for both children and their families.
  • What age groups does Lily Montessori Childcare Center cater to?
    Lily Montessori Childcare Center is dedicated to providing exceptional education for children in Ottawa across various age groups. Our inclusive programs cater to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and children up to 6 years old. From Ottawa daycare for infants to Ottawa preschool for the little ones, our carefully designed curriculum supports each child's developmental milestones.
  • What safety measures are implemented at Lily Montessori Childcare Center?
    Lily Montessori places the utmost importance on the safety of its students. Our Ottawa daycare and preschool facilities implement various safety measures, including secure premises, trained staff, and well-defined emergency protocols. Creating a secure environment is fundamental to providing peace of mind to parents.
  • Does Lily Montessori accept City Of Ottawa Subsidized?
    The City Subsidy is only given for Non-For-Profit Childcare Centres, Lily Montessori Childcare Is a For-Profit organization to ensure the highest quality childcare and hence is not eligible for the City of Ottawa as 2023.
  • How does Lily Montessori integrate technology into its educational approach?
    Lily Montessori thoughtfully integrates technology as a tool for learning in our Ottawa childcare and preschool programs. Our approach emphasizes developing critical thinking and media literacy skills in a balanced manner, preparing children for the digital age while maintaining the core principles of Montessori education.
  • How can I enroll my child at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    You can enroll by visiting our website to fill out an application form or by contacting our office directly for assistance.
  • Does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa provide updates to parents?
    Yes, we use the Procare app to send real-time updates and reports to parents.
  • Are there any extracurricular activities at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Yes, we offer extracurriculars such as music, art, and movement classes.
  • What types of educational programs does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa offer?
    We offer a variety of programs including sensory-based activities, language development, and practical life skills.
  • Are there extracurricular activities offered at Lily Montessori Childcare Center?
    Lily Montessori in Ottawa understands the importance of a well-rounded education. While our core focus is on Montessori principles, we may offer extracurricular activities to complement our Ottawa daycare and preschool programs. These activities provide additional enrichment opportunities for children, enhancing their overall learning experience.
  • Are there outdoor activities at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Absolutely, our program includes daily outdoor play and learning activities, weather permitting.
  • What makes Lily Montessori unique among other childcare centers?
    Lily Montessori stands out as a leading Ottawa childcare center by embracing authentic Montessori principles. Our experienced teachers foster a nurturing environment where Ottawa toddlers' childcare needs are met with individualized attention. From daycare for 12-month-olds to engaging preschool programs, Lily Montessori prioritizes holistic child development, making us a distinctive choice in Ottawa.
  • Can Lily Montessori Childcare Center accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences?
    Lily Montessori strives to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences for children in our Ottawa daycare and preschool programs. Working collaboratively with parents, we ensure that each child's dietary needs are met, promoting their well-being and satisfaction.
  • How does Lily Montessori celebrate cultural diversity within its programs?
    Cultural diversity is integral to Lily Montessori's Ottawa childcare/daycare philosophy. Our programs incorporate materials and activities that celebrate various cultures, fostering an inclusive and multicultural learning environment. Children explore the richness of diversity, promoting a sense of understanding and appreciation for different backgrounds.
  • How can I enroll my child at Lily Montessori Childcare Center?
    Enrolling your child at Lily Montessori is a straightforward process. Contact our Ottawa childcare center directly to obtain detailed information about the enrollment process. We encourage parents to schedule a visit, allowing them to learn more about our educational approach and the nurturing environment we provide.
  • Does Lily Montessori have a parent-teacher communication system in place?
    Yes, at Lily Montessori, effective communication is a priority. We may have a dedicated parent-teacher communication system in place for our Ottawa daycare and preschool programs. This ensures regular updates on a child's progress, fostering a collaborative partnership between parents and teachers.
  • How does Lily Montessori create a prepared environment for children?
    Lily Montessori, as an Ottawa Montessori institution, meticulously designs classrooms to be a prepared environment. This environment encourages independence and exploration, providing an ideal setting for Ottawa toddlers' childcare and preschool education. The spaces are crafted to engage children's senses, supporting their natural curiosity and love for learning.
  • Does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa accept infants and toddlers?
    Yes, we welcome children from 18 months to 6 years of age.
  • Can I schedule a visit to Lily Montessori to see the classrooms and meet the teachers?
    Certainly! Lily Montessori encourages prospective parents to schedule visits, offering the opportunity to explore our Ottawa daycare and preschool classrooms, meet our experienced teachers, and witness firsthand the engaging and enriching Montessori environment.
  • What qualifications do the staff at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa have?
    All staff are certified in early childhood education and trained in the Montessori method.
  • What are the operating hours of Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    We operate from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • How are children with special needs supported at Lily Montessori?
    Lily Montessori in Ottawa is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for all children, including those with special needs. Our experienced staff creates individualized learning plans, ensuring that every child receives personalized attention and care. Inclusivity is at the core of our Ottawa childcare/daycare philosophy.
  • How can I get feedback on my child’s progress at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Regular parent-teacher meetings and detailed progress reports are available throughout the year.
  • What are the fees and payment policies at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Fees vary by program, and we offer several payment plans. Detailed information is available upon request.
  • How does Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa handle allergies and special dietary needs?
    We meticulously manage allergies and dietary needs with customized meal plans and strict cross-contamination protocols.
  • How often can parents visit Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Parents are encouraged to visit during scheduled open houses or by appointment.
  • What is the teacher to child ratio at Lily Montessori Daycare in Ottawa?
    Our ratio is 1 teacher for every 8 children to ensure personalized attention and care
  • How does Lily Montessori prepare children for the next steps in their education?
    -Lily Montessori focuses on preparing children for seamless transitions into the Canadian school system. Our Ottawa childcare/daycare programs provide a strong academic foundation, social skills, and a genuine love for lifelong learning. This holistic approach ensures that children are well-prepared for success in their educational journey.
  • Does Lily Montessori offer full-day or part-day childcare?
    Lily Montessori offers both full-day and part-day programs for infants and toddlers. Lily Montessori | A Top Rated Daycare in Ottawa
  • How to find a list with all childcare facilities in Ottawa?
    The City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist: This is an online tool that allows parents to search for licensed childcare providers in Ottawa. You can filter your search by location, age group, and type of care (e.g., home-based, center-based). The Ministry of Education's website: This website provides information on licensed child care programs in Ontario, including a searchable database of providers.
  • Is CWELCC all done, and what's been done so far?
    CWELCC started in 2020, but it's still happening. Some places, like Nova Scotia, reduced fees a lot. Others are just starting.
  • Is Montessori education recognized by Canadian universities?
    Montessori education is recognized by some Canadian universities, and there are Montessori training programs available for educators.
  • How can I find accredited Montessori schools in Canada?
    You can find accredited Montessori schools in Canada by checking with recognized Montessori organizations or searching online directories.
  • Is practical experience part of the ECE program, and why is it important?
    Yes, practicum placements in licensed childcare centers are a crucial part of the ECE program. This real-world experience, guided by mentors, helps build confidence, refine teaching styles, and understand the joys and challenges of working with young children. Learn more by reading our blog at
  • How does Montessori in Canada promote environmental awareness?
    Montessori education at Lily Montessori Childcare Center in Canada places a strong emphasis on environmental awareness. Our curriculum includes activities that engage children in exploring and appreciating the natural world. Through hands-on experiences like gardening, nature walks, and eco-friendly projects, we instill a sense of responsibility and care for the environment in our students. Lily Montessori is committed to fostering an eco-conscious mindset, aligning with the principles of Montessori education.
  • What's the best daycare center in Ottawa?
    Did you know there's a secret island in Ottawa called Lily Montessori Childcare Center, and it's the most magical play place ever? It's got all the good stuff: Safety first, mateys! Licensed by the City of Ottawa, with sparkly clean spaces and friendly grown-ups who know all about pirate safety. Learning adventures galore! Build towers with friendly pirates, sing piratey songs, and discover treasures like puzzles, blocks, and bouncy castles. Happy crew guaranteed! The grown-ups at Lily Montessori are like your best shipmates, always happy to see you and your little one. Open doors and open hearts: You can visit anytime and see how your little one is having a whale of a time! Plus, Lily Montessori has some extra special treasures: Montessori magic: This fancy pirate map guides your little one to learn and grow at their own pace, building confidence and independence. Nature's playground: Climb trees, dig in the sand, and chase butterflies in their amazing outdoor space. Music and movement: Sing sea shanties, dance like a jig, and let your imagination run wild. So, if you're searching for the ultimate play place in Ottawa, book a tour at Lily Montessori today and see the magic for yourself!
  • How does Montessori in Canada prepare children for the Canadian school system?
    At Lily Montessori Childcare Center, our Montessori education approach not only focuses on academic excellence but also equips children with essential life skills. By fostering independence, critical thinking, and a love for learning, we prepare children for a smooth transition into the Canadian school system. Our curriculum aligns with educational standards while emphasizing the holistic development of each child, ensuring they are well-prepared for success in their educational journey.
  • How do I become an RECE in Ottawa?
    Start by completing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program at a registered college in Ottawa, such as Algonquin College or La Cité Collégiale. This program covers child development, curriculum planning, play-based learning, and more. For detailed information, read our blog at
  • Are there Montessori associations or organizations in Canada?
    Yes, in Canada, there are esteemed Montessori associations and organizations that guide and support Montessori education. Lily Montessori Childcare Center is proud to be associated with recognized Montessori bodies that uphold quality standards. Our affiliation with these organizations reflects our dedication to providing an authentic Montessori experience, ensuring that your child receives the highest quality education in a nurturing environment.
  • What is CWELCC, and how does it help with childcare in Canada?
    CWELCC is a plan by the Canadian government to make childcare better. It helps families by making it more affordable, accessible, and inclusive.
  • What will I learn in the ECE program, and how does it help children?
    The ECE program includes hands-on learning, teaching you to create engaging environments, conduct assessments, and build relationships with children and families. It's a blend of science, creativity, and empathy that shapes young minds. Discover more in our blog at
  • What age groups do Montessori programs in Canada cater to?
    Montessori programs in Canada typically serve children from infancy to around 6 years old, covering early childhood and preschool years.
  • Are there government-funded Montessori programs in Canada?
    While Montessori programs are typically private, Lily Montessori Childcare Center acknowledges the importance of accessibility to quality education. We offer information about potential government funding or subsidies available in specific provinces or territories. Although we are a private institution, we strive to provide families with comprehensive guidance on available support options, making Montessori education more accessible to a broader range of children. These elaborations showcase Lily Montessori Childcare Center's commitment to environmental education, affiliation with Montessori organizations, and dedication to preparing children for academic success, all while considering the accessibility of Montessori education in Canada.
  • How does the $10-a-Day Care in CWELCC work, and who does it help?
    The $10-a-Day Care in CWELCC aims to reduce childcare fees to $10 per day for some families. It helps families struggling with high childcare costs, especially those with low or medium incomes.
  • How does Montessori address bilingual education in Canada?
    Some Montessori schools in Canada offer bilingual education, integrating language learning in English and French or other languages.
  • How is CWELCC rolled out, and does it change in different places?
    CWELCC is started in phases, and each place can have its own plan. It includes more spaces for children, funding for providers, and reduced fees for families.
  • Are Montessori schools in Canada accredited?
    Many Montessori schools in Canada seek accreditation from reputable Montessori organizations to ensure they meet high-quality standards.
  • Are Montessori programs in Canada regulated by education authorities?
    Montessori programs in Canada may be subject to provincial or territorial regulations, and many adhere to education standards set by local authorities.
  • How do I become an official RECE, and what salary can I expect in Ottawa?
    After graduating, you need to pass the CECE Ontario Registration Exam to become an official RECE. In Ottawa, you can expect a competitive salary starting from around $25 per hour. Explore further details in our blog at
  • How does the Canadian education system align with Montessori principles?
    Montessori principles align with the Canadian education system's focus on holistic development and personalized learning.
  • What opportunities for continuous learning are available for RECEs in Ottawa?
    The field of early childhood education is dynamic, and continuous learning is essential. Workshops, conferences, and specialized courses offer opportunities to expand knowledge and stay at the forefront of best practices. For a deeper dive, read our blog at
  • How can I know more and join CWELCC?
    You can learn more on the Government of Canada's CWELCC website ( and check your province's website. Get involved to make childcare better for all Canadian families.
  • What are the top-rated daycares in Ottawa?
    Ottawa has a wide variety of fantastic daycares, each catering to different needs and philosophies. Here are a few highly-rated options, including Lily Montessori: Lily Montessori ChildCare Center (Bells Corners): Embraces the child-led Montessori approach, nurturing independence and a love for learning. 5-star rating on Google Maps. Little Munchkins Hideout Day Care: Offers fun and care for infants to preschoolers with extended hours. 4.8-star rating on Google Maps. Maria's Home Daycare: Small, home-based daycare with a focus on individual attention for infants and toddlers. 5-star rating on Google Maps.
  • What is the philosophy behind the Montessori prepared environment?
    The prepared environment is designed to be orderly, calm, and supportive, encouraging independence and exploration.
  • What age groups does the Montessori program cater to?
    Montessori programs typically cater to children from infancy to around 6 years old, covering early childhood and preschool years.
  • Are Montessori programs in Canada inclusive of diverse cultures?
    Yes, Montessori programs in Canada often incorporate materials and activities that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.
  • How does Montessori prepare children for primary school?
    Montessori prepares children by providing a strong academic foundation, fostering independence, and developing social and emotional skills.
  • What is the daily schedule like in a Montessori program?
    While schedules vary, Montessori programs typically include a balance of academic activities, outdoor play, and time for self-directed learning.
  • What role does play have in Montessori education?
    Play is considered an essential part of learning in Montessori, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.
  • Are Montessori programs accredited?
    Many Montessori programs seek accreditation from recognized Montessori organizations to ensure they adhere to quality standards.
  • What is the role of technology in Montessori education?
    Montessori integrates technology as a tool for learning, with a focus on developing critical thinking and media literacy skills.
  • How does Montessori promote cultural diversity?
    Montessori classrooms often include materials and activities that celebrate different cultures, fostering an appreciation for diversity.
  • What is Montessori education?
    Montessori education is an educational approach that emphasizes child-centered learning, hands-on activities, and individualized learning plans to foster a child's natural curiosity and love for learning.
  • How are children grouped in Montessori classrooms?
    Montessori classrooms often have mixed-age groups, allowing younger children to learn from older peers and fostering a sense of community.
  • Is there a specific curriculum in Montessori?
    Montessori follows a comprehensive curriculum covering practical life skills, sensory activities, mathematics, language, culture, and more.
  • How much outdoor time do children get in Montessori programs?
    Montessori programs often prioritize outdoor time, recognizing the importance of nature in a child's development. The amount varies but is a key aspect of the curriculum.
  • How do parents get involved in their child's Montessori education?
    Montessori encourages parent involvement through regular communication, parent-teacher conferences, and sometimes volunteer opportunities.
  • How does Montessori support children with special needs?
    Montessori schools offer individualized learning plans, sensory-friendly environments, and skilled teaching to support children with special needs.
  • How does Montessori encourage independence in children?
    Montessori environments are designed to allow children to make choices, engage in self-directed activities, and develop a sense of responsibility.
  • How does Montessori address social development?
    Montessori promotes social development through mixed-age classrooms, encouraging collaboration, empathy, and leadership among children.
  • How is Montessori different from traditional preschools?
    Montessori differs in its child-centered approach, self-directed learning, mixed-age classrooms, and emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning.
  • What is the role of a Montessori teacher?
    Montessori teachers act as guides, observing and facilitating each child's learning journey, providing support, and introducing new materials when appropriate.

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